Matte Black Refillable Candle Lighter

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Our refillable candle lighter is a favorite among candle lovers. Available in matte black and made from aluminum, the ergonomic design allows for easy lighting of candles.

Pair this lighter with our matte black wick trimmer for complete candle care, or give the pair as a glamorous yet practical host gift.

Please note, due to shipping regulations, our lighters are shipped without butane.

7.1" x 0.6"

How to use your candle lighter:

Hold the lighter in your palm, use your thumb to press the igniter switch forward to ignite the flame.
The flame control valve is located on the bottom of the lighter. Turn the control towards the "+" sign to increase flame size or towards the "-" sign to decrease flame size.

To refill: 

The refill port is located at the bottom of the lighter. Keep lighter right side up and follow instructions on butane container.


As a safety precaution, never leave lighters in the sun or near open flames. Always keep out of the reach of children!

  • Recyclable Paper Box