A botanically derived self care kit custom curated by you. Choose from a selection of botanicals and create a self care ritual that cultivates love and self gratitude.

1 x  Aromatherapy Candle (your choice)
1 x  Bath Soak (your choice)
1 x  Clay Mask (your choice)
1 x  Foot Soak (your choice)
1 x  Organic Rose Petals
1 x  6 Tealights + 2 Reusable Tins

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RED MANDARIN – Red Mandarin, Clementine & Neroli
CITRUS SPICE – *Sweet Orange, Cinnamon & Clove
ORANGE CREME – *Sweet Orange Peel + *Vanilla
LAVENDER LEMONADE – Wild Lavender + *Lemon Peel
LEMON VANILLA – *Vanilla + Lemon Peel
GRASSLAND – *Lemongrass + *Wild Sage
WOODLANDS – Spruce, Fir Balsam, Cedar & *Lemon
COASTAL RIDGE – * Eucalyptus, Spruce & *Peppermint
VANILLA MINT – *Vanilla + *Peppermint Leaf
VANILLA LAVENDER – *Vanilla + Wild Lavender
WILD LAVENDER – Pure Wildcrafted French Lavender
ORANGE BLOSSOM – Pure Neroli Blossoms
DESERT SAGE – *Wild Sage, Lavender Bud & *Rosemary
VANILLA ORCHID – *Pure Madagascar Vanilla
BOURBON CEDAR – Bitter Orange, Cardamom, Cedar & *Vanilla
(*certified organic)

COCONUT MILK BATH – Organic Coconut Milk and Vanilla Oils
ROSE MILK BATH – Organic Rose Petals and Coconut Milk
EUCALYPTUS MILK BATH – Organic Eucalyptus Leaves and Coconut Milk
LAVENDER MILK BATH – Organic Lavender and Coconut Milk
JASMINE MILK BATH – Organic Jasmine Flowers and Coconut Milk
(mindfully packaged in a PLA lined compostable packette)

SUPERBERRY CLAY MASK – *Maqui Berry | *Banana Peel | Brazilian Purple Clay
MATCHA CLAY MASK – *Green Tea | *Cucumber Peel | French Green Clay
PINK CLAY MASK – Australian Pink Clay | *Rosehip | *Marshmallow Root
(*certified organic)
(mindfully packaged in a PLA lined compostable packette)

PEPPERMINT FOOT SOAK – *Peppermint Leaf | *Rosemary | Dead Sea Salt
TEA TREE FOOT SOAK – *Tea Tree | *Aloe Vera | Dead Sea Salt
(*certified organic)
(mindfully packaged in a PLA lined compostable packette)

ORGANIC ROSE PETALS – Rose Petals | Rose Buds
(mindfully packaged in a clear bioplastic compostable bag)

6-PACK OF TEALIGHTS – Organic Coconut Oil & Rice Bran Wax Tealights and Reusable Tins


Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 3 in

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Aromatherapy Candle

Red Mandarin, Citrus Spice, Orange Creme, Lavender Lemonade, Lemon Vanilla, Grassland, Woodlands, Coastal Ridge, Vanilla Mint, Vanilla Lavender, Wild Lavender, Orange Blossom, Desert Sage, Vanilla Orchid, Bourbon Cedar

Bath Soak

Rose Milk Bath, Lavender Milk Bath, Coconut Milk Bath, Eucalyptus Milk Bath, Jasmine Milk Bath

Clay Mask

Berry Clay Mask, Matcha Clay Mask, Pink Clay Mask

Foot Soak

Peppermint Foot Soak, Tea Tree Foot Soak


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