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When you place an order online, an order confirmation email is automatically sent to the email listed on the order. If you did not receive an order confirmation in your inbox, please search your Junk or Spam folders.  If you are still unable to locate your order email, please reach out to our customer support team for assistance at info@terralite.com

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All of our products are made by hand and in small batches to ensure the freshest botanical blends. We ask that you please allow up to 5 business days for your order to be made and up to 8 business days during busy holiday seasons.

Once your order ships, you will receive an Order Complete email with tracking information.


You can add your message in the Order Notes on the checkout page. Your message will be printed out on the packing slip that will go with your order. Whenever our shipping team sees a gift message there, they make sure it is easily visible during unboxing.


All orders are shipped with a packing slip that does not contain any pricing information.  The information includes the shipper, receiver, and contents of the package, including any notes that you may have added under Order Notes.


Not at the moment although we are looking to add this sometime in the near future.


Product Information


We are fully committed to the environment, from product to packaging. Every single ingredient we use is sourced from natural plant and raw earth materials. We believe that it is important to only create products that are 100% natural and to source ingredients that are good for people and planet.  To learn more about our ingredients, please visit our Botanical Blend Guide.


We only use pure, organic, or wildcrafted essential oils and plant extracts to scent our candles and products. To learn more about the ingredients we use, where they come from, and what plant part is used for the aromatic extraction, please visit our Botanical Blend Guide.


Let’s dive into the world of aromatic extracts!  Essential oils are commonly extracted using steam distillation but not all oils are extracted this way. Certain aromatic oils are extracted from plant material using CO2.  CO2 extracts are more costly to produce than their essential oil counterpart, contain more plant constituents, and are considered a higher quality oil among expert perfumers. There are also aromatic extracts called “absolutes” that are extracted using solvents, such as hexane, but we can’t use these extracts because they are not oil-soluble.  Absolutes are more often used with alcohol to make perfume.  To scent our products, we only use essential oils and CO2 extracts, and about half of the oils we use are certified organic.

So just to clarify, we DO NOT use any “natural fragrances” or “fragrances infused with essential oils”.  We never use any synthetics, in any of our products. 

Although our coconut wax is made from coconut oil, the smell of coconuts has been removed through a natural process. This allows us to create scented candles by blending unscented coconut wax with pure essential oils and plant extracts.

Even though our coconut wax is made using pure coconut oil, the raw oil goes through a process called hydrogenation which reduces the saturated fats and turns the liquid oil into a semi solid wax. Once an oil has gone through hydrogenation, it can no longer be called “organic”.  This includes other types of waxes commonly found on the market including soy wax, palm wax, or other vegetable wax blends.  To our knowledge there are no certified organic candles on the market. The closest thing we have found is our patented wax blend for our tealights, made of pure GMO-free, food grade rice bran wax and fair trade certified organic coconut oil. Our tealights are Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA.

For maximum burn time, burn candles long enough to form a melt pool across the top of the candle and burn no more than 4 hours at a time.

  • Burn within sight
  • Keep away from things that can catch fire
  • Keep away from children
  • Keep wax free of debris
  • Avoid drafty areas
  • Trim wick as needed

Our wicks are made without chemical additives and will sometimes exhibit normal wick behavior, such as forming a black mushroom head, which is a build up of carbon and can easily be corrected by blowing out the candle and trimming the wick to 1/4″,

We do not test our products on animals therefore we do not have any official reports to share regarding pet safety.

It is important to remember that every living creature may react differently to different natural ingredients. Although our products are made for humans and not pets, if your pets has sensitivities, we recommend that you use products responsibly and monitor your pets for any adverse reactions.


We strive to be a plastic-free company and to find sustainable solutions across our entire production line. While we still have a lot to learn, more work to do, and are consistently searching for new solutions, we have taken some steps to minimize our use.


It took us years to find a plastic free solution in order to offer single use treatments but we finally found sustainable packaging worthy of our organic bath products! Our single use packaging is made from paper (outside) and a thin film of plant sourced bioplastic (inside). Not only is it made completely from plants, heat sealed instead of using glues, but the entire thing is also certified Home Compostable – so it can go in your garden or in the trash and biodegrade back into the earth without harming the planet.

Typically food and other beauty products are packaged in envelopes or bags that are lined with plastic or foil. Most of these can not be recycled because they usually contain multiple types of materials, such as paper and plastic, or plastic and foil.  By using paper lined with compostable bioplastic, we are still able to provide our products an oxygen barrier to protect them from deterioration while at the same time protecting the environment.  The only difference is there is a limit to what can be packaged in this type of compostable packaging and the shelf life for our products is reduced to 6 months instead of one year or longer – but we think it’s worth it!


Although we would love to replace all of our spray caps with aluminum sprayers, we have found that we can only use them with certain products.  Aluminum sprayers are pretty notorious for leaking and we are actively working with suppliers to find a more reliable sprayer that is compatible with volatile ingredients such as essential oils and materials such as glass.  For now, we have successfully replaced plastic sprayers with aluminum sprayers on our travel sized Eucalyptus Shower Mist.


We use tissue paper made recycled PCW to wrap some of our products in.  Our retail boxes are made with recycled paper or cardboard made from PCW.

Our amber glass bottles and jars are made using cullet, and contain up to 60% recycled glass and are fully recyclable.

Our tin lids are deliberately left unpainted and 100% recyclable.

Our labels are made with recycled paper.


All of our shipping materials are plastic free.


You can reuse our candle jars by simply wiping them clean or using a little soap and water like any other dish. Our jars can be used for many things – holding personal care products, as a plant holder, pen holder, change jar, etc. If you come up with something clever, share it with us on Instagram so we can share with others!


Everything from the caps, to the wick tabs can be recycled. Please separate the metal from the glass components before placing in your recycle bin.


If there is very little wax at the bottom of your containers, scoop it out with a spoon and use a little soap and warm water to clean it.

NOTE: Coconut wax is all natural, non-toxic, and non-hazardous and will biodegrade back into the earth without causing any harm.