is a line of botanical candles, bath & body products. All the materials we use – from the purest essential oils, plant extracts, grain and fruit waxes, to the containers the products live in, are thoughtfully selected for their beauty, quality, and environmental sustainability.


We believe in making products that are good for you and the planet. To us, that means ethically sourcing natural ingredients from sustainable sources, and practicing a zero-waste philosophy from product to packaging.

Our candles, bath and body products are formulated to enhance your wellbeing. This includes knowing that our products contain only high quality ingredients from natural, organic, wildcrafted or fair trade sources.

We have two different types of candle wax, one is our coconut wax made from hydrogenated coconut and vegetable oils used in our scented candles, the other is our unscented pillar and tealight wax made from virgin coconut oil and rice bran wax.

We formulate our Aromatherapy Collection of coconut wax candles with pure essential oils and plant extracts, choosing 100% botanical blends over a synthetic fragrance line. We learned however, that not all oils are grown, harvested and sold equally. We decided to only invest in distributors that provide a fair trade to farmers and distillers. All of our oils and extracts are sourced from renewable plants that were grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our Rice Bran Collection of pillars and tealights is formulated to provide clean, organic candlelight. It is the first candle line on the market to be Fair Trade certified by Fair Trade USA as it is made with only two ingredients: food-grade rice bran wax and organic virgin coconut oil. We use chemical-free hemp-core wicks that are braided with unbleached cotton for all of our candles.

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Our bath and body products are formulated to contain only simple, “active” ingredients that have effective therapeutic benefits. We believe in quality over convenience, that certain formulas made with raw natural materials, like clay masks, are best blended at home in order to maximize benefits and eliminate the need to apply preservatives to the body. We formulate treatments that nurture and revitalize with botanicals that are rich in vitamins and minerals. All of our formulas are made from scratch, created and tested by us, on real people and never on animals.

Terralite pledges 1% of sales to environmental non-profits through 1% For The Planet and was founded in 2015, by Jessica and Justin, two environmentalists and media professionals dedicated to making the world a better place.

the founders

San Diego, CA


Justin Puda is Co-Owner and Production Manager for Terralite. He is also a Motion Graphics Artist and Creative Director who runs his own creative agency called Rocket Lab. Rocket Lab is a San Diego-based, multimedia creative studio specializing in marketing and advertising. He loves to skate, surf, and snowboard, and is passionate about protecting our outdoor spaces and reducing our environmental impact.



Jessica Waters is Co-Owner and Creative Director for Terralite. She is also a freelance Environmental Media Producer for the wildlife and ocean community. Her mission is to create meaningful content that inspires positive change and motivates people to care about the world. She is an avid scuba diver and enjoys traveling to remote locations to shoot stock footage. She is deeply passionate about the health of our oceans and strongly believes that businesses can be wonderful vehicles for change.